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One of Encino’s most highly experienced Law Firms, at Carlson & Cohen we consistently apply common sense strategies to help our clients solve their legal matters. Highly effective negotiators and transactional attorneys, every effort will be made to settle your case peacefully and help you complete your transaction smoothly. However, we won’t hesitate to utilize strategic, aggressive tactics when litigation becomes necessary.

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Encino Lawyers – Areas of Practice

Business, Real Estate and Estate Planning Attorneys at the Encino Law Firm Carlson & Cohen provide comprehensive representation in a broad range of complex legal matters, including:


The Encino Law Firm Carlson & Cohen understands that in order to help our clients obtain profitable growth, it is imperative to choose an attorney who possesses an in-depth understanding of all aspects of Business Law. By providing our clients the time and energy which they deserve, we are able to help all of our Business clients resolve a broad range of complex issues.

Our Encino Lawyers offer legal counsel and representation in the following areas of Business Law:

Business Formation

● Choosing the Proper Business Structure / Business Entity

● Incorporation – All Types of Corporations

● Limited Liability Companies

● Limited Liability Partnerships

● Partnerships

● Sole Partnerships

Business LitigationEncino Lawyers – Areas of Practice - Business Litigation

● Breach of Contract

● Business Dissolution  

● Business Fraud

● Collection Matters

● Contractor Disputes

● Deceptive Business Practices

● Non-Disclosure Agreement Disputes

● Purchase & Sale Disputes

● Supply Disputes

● Unfair Trade Practices

 Business Transactions

● Business Purchase Agreements

● Business Sale Agreements

● Contractor Agreements

● Drafting Business Formation Documents

● Drafting Licensing Agreements

● Drafting Partnership Agreements

● Managing Business Acquisitions

● Negotiating Business Contracts

● Overseeing Business Mergers

● Reviewing & Drafting Business Contracts

● Reviewing & Drafting Business Customer Contracts

● Reviewing & Drafting Employment Agreements

● Reviewing & Drafting Vendor Contracts

● Reviewing Contractual Obligations

Call an Encino Business Attorney with Carlson & Cohen today at (818) 905-5600 to set up your initial consultation.


Carlson & Cohen is an Encino Law Firm with extensive experience working with businesses and individuals in commercial and residential real estate matters. Our lawyers are highly attentive and work closely with our clients to help ensure that their goals are met.

We represent clients in a wide variety of Real Estate matters, including but not limited to the following:

Construction Law

● Construction LitigationEncino Lawyers – Areas of Practice - Construcion Law

● Contractor & Property Owner Disputes

● Contractor & Sub-Contractor Disputes

● Defective Construction

● Drafting & Filing Mechanic’s Liens

● Engineer & Contractor Disputes

● Negotiating, Drafting & Reviewing Construction Contracts

● Payment Bonds

● Payment Disputes

● Removal of Mechanic’s Liens

● Stop Notices

Landlord Tenant

● Breach of Lease

● Habitability Matters

● Lease Options

● Negotiating, Drafting & Reviewing Commercial Leases

● Negotiating, Drafting & Reviewing Residential Leases

● Nuisance Claims

● Sublets

● Terms of Tenancy

● Unlawful Detainers (Evictions)

Real Estate Litigation

● Boundary Disputes

● Broker Dispute

● Broker FraudEncino Lawyers – Areas of Practice - Real Estate Litigation

● Broker Representation

● Commercial Real Estate Litigation

● Easement Disputes

● Eminent Domain

● Escrow Disputes

● Failure to Disclose Defects

● Homeowners Association Matters

● Obtaining Zoning Variances

● Partition Actions

● Quiet Title Actions

● Real Estate Agent Dispute

● Real Estate Fraud

● Request for Specific Performance

● Residential Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Transactions

● Commercial Real Estate Transactions

● Residential Real Estate Transactions

● Negotiating, Reviewing and Drafting Lease Agreements

● Negotiating, Reviewing and Drafting Purchase & Sale Agreements

● Negotiating Purchase and Sale Terms and Conditions

● Trust Deeds

● Title Conveyance

● Escrow Representation

● Title Insurance

Encino Real Estate Attorneys at Carlson & Cohen strive to not only meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations. We work diligently with our clients to help them attain positive results as quickly as possible.

If you need an experienced Real Estate Lawyer, fill out Carlson & Cohen’s Real Estate Case Evaluation Form or contact us at (818) 986-4979.


● Advance Health Care Directives

● Asset Protection

● ConservatorshipsEncino Lawyers – Areas of Practice - Estate Planning

● Irrevocable Trusts

● Living Trusts

● Probate

● Revocable Trusts

● Spendthrift Trusts

● Wills

Carlson & Cohen takes pride in helping our clients obtain peace of mind knowing that their affairs will be in order in case of incapacitation or death. We help individuals draft enforceable Estate Planning documents, and also provide representation during Probate.

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At Carlson & Cohen, our Encino Attorneys have more than 70 years’ combined legal experience, and focus on providing high-quality, knowledgeable and experienced service to our clients. Maintaining excellent client communication is one of our strong points, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you are kept informed about the progress and status of your case.

Contact us at (818) 905-5600 to speak to one of our seasoned attorneys as soon as possible. Conveniently located in Encino, we represent individuals, businesses and property owners throughout all of the surrounding communities.

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