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Experienced Encino Landlord Tenant Attorneys

Welcome to the Law Firm of Encino Landlord Tenant Lawyers Carlson & Cohen. Whether you are a property owner or a tenant seeking experienced legal advice and representation in a Landlord Tenant matter, the attorneys at Carlson & Cohen have considerable experience handling a wide variety of Landlord Tenant cases.

Contact us at (818) 905-5600 to make an appointment for a telephonic or in-office consultation. Located in Encino, we have been representing parties in Landlord Tenant issues throughout the area since 1989. We want to put our experience to work for you to help you take necessary and appropriate measures to preserve and protect your rights!

Landlord Tenant Representation in Encino

At Carlson & Cohen, we believe in taking proactive measures to protect the parties against future litigation. Representing the interests of both property owners and tenants, we represent clients in a broad spectrum of landlord tenant matters, including:

Breach of Lease

Drafting Commercial Leases

Drafting Residential Leases

Habitability Matters

Interpreting ContractsLandlord Tenant Representation in Encino

Lease Options

Negotiating Commercial Leases

Negotiating Residential Leases

Nuisance Claims

Rent Disputes

Reviewing Commercial Leases

Reviewing Residential Leases


Terms of Tenancy

Unlawful Detainers (Eviction) Litigation

Whether you need an attorney to explain your rights and obligations under a lease, need the terms of a lease explained in easy to understand language, or are involved in a lease dispute that will likely lead to litigation, an Encino Landlord Tenant Lawyer with the Law Firm of Carlson & Cohen can provide the legal assistance that you require.

Call an Encino Landlord Tenant Attorney for Answers

Based on our combined 70+ years of experience, the lawyers at Carlson & Cohen can help you with all of your Landlord Tenant issues, ranging from contractual matters to breach of lease disputes. Contact us today at (818) 905-5600 for answers to all of your landlord tenant questions.

Located in Encino, we represent clients who live or own property throughout the region. Carlson & Cohen is one of the area’s most highly respected Law Firms, with a proven history of obtaining results on behalf of our clients.

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