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Welcome to the Law Firm of Encino Estate Planning Lawyers Carlson & Cohen. We have been helping families ensure that their affairs are in order and their assets protected by utilizing intelligent Estate Planning tools for more than 25 years.

Whether you have very few assets or assets ranging into the millions, at Carlson & Cohen we can help you through the Estate Planning Process and craft a comprehensive Estate Plan that will meet all of your needs.

Contact an Encino Estate Planning Attorney at Carlson & Cohen at (818) 905-5600 to schedule an in-office consultation. Dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients, we will work closely with you to protect your assets, provide for your needs should you become incapacitated, ensure that your hard earned assets are left to the people or charities of your choosing, and minimize your tax liability.

Carlson & Cohen also provides representation to individuals during the Probate Process. Proudly serving those who reside in Encino and the surrounding communities since 1989, we put the needs of our clients first and pay attention to detail to ensure that you obtain the best representation and legal counsel possible.

Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys in Encino

At the Encino Law Firm of Carlson & Cohen, our knowledgeable Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys provide quality, caring representation to individuals in a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to the following:

• Advance Health Care Directives – To determine the type of care you will receive should you become incapacitated or terminally ill.

• Asset Protection – Utilizing specific Estate Planning devices (such as a Dynasty Trust or Medi-Cal Protective Trust) to protect your assets from creditors.Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys in Encino

• Conservatorships – A legal proceeding wherein an individual or individuals are appointed to oversee the medical care and finances of one who is incapacitated and no longer able to make decisions on their own behalf.

• Irrevocable Trusts – A trust which, once funded, cannot be revoked.

• Living Trusts – A trust that is generally controlled by the creator of the trust until such time as a successor trustee takes over should the creator become incapacitated or pass away. Most Living Trusts are deemed “revocable” until such time as the trust creator passes away, at which point they become irrevocable.

• Probate – The legal process by which a Court determines the validity of a will and oversees distribution of the decedent’s assets pursuant to the terms of the will. Should an individual die without a will (intestate), property will pass according to California Law.

• Spendthrift Trusts – A trust set up for the benefit of another wherein a trustee pays the beneficiary according to the terms set forth in the trust. These trusts are usually created when the creator has reason to believe that the recipient cannot handle money in a responsible manner.

• Wills – Documents setting forth who will receive your assets upon your death.

At the Encino Law Firm of Carlson & Cohen, we have extensive experience creating enforceable, comprehensive Estate Plans that are specifically tailored to adhere to the wishes of our clients. Our lawyers understand the sensitive and difficult nature of Estate Planning and the Probate Process, and we treat all of our clients with compassion and respect.

In addition to creating the Estate Plan that you desire, we will also take the necessary steps to make sure that any trust we devise on your behalf is properly funded to ensure its validity.

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Whether you want to draft a will, create a trust, need representation during probate, or simply want to obtain information about Estate Planning, please contact an Encino Estate Planning Lawyer or Probate Attorney at the Law Firm of Carlson & Cohen by calling us at (818) 905-5600 to schedule a consultation.

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