Business law includes a range of legal matters that relate to businesses and various commercial operations. It encompasses a wide area of the law and covers a spectrum of legal issues. A capable business attorney will be able to successfully address the diverse needs of a small, medium, or large company. This would include the legal matters associated with starting a new business in California as well as filing necessary resolutions when it is time to dissolve a business. Before making important decisions, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and individuals dealing with any type of business matter should be aware of the responsibilities and liabilities that could result. Skilled business attorneys provide comprehensive services that help protect a business and resolve legal disputes and concerns.

Strong Business Contracts are Vital to Success

A business contract puts into writing specific details of a business relationship. This kind of document is legally binding, and it will involve a minimum of two parties. A contract could be made between a company and their management teams, employees, vendors, suppliers, or others. Business contracts involve one party extending something of value in return for something else of value from the other party. Each party in the contract must agree on the terms of the contract, and these terms will have been worked out or negotiated beforehand.

Common types of business contracts are employee agreements, leasing contracts, and purchase/sale agreements. When a contract has been formalized, the duties specified in the contract must be carried out by each side. When a contract has been properly written, it can be enforced through legal means. Business lawyers use effective legal strategies and solid contracts to help their clients strengthen and grow businesses.

Planning an Exit Strategy – Business Dissolution

Occasionally a business owner will need to dissolve their business. When this becomes necessary, operations must end because the organization is not recognized by the state any longer. At times, business dissolution is done for voluntary reasons, and in other cases it happens involuntarily. In either situation, an experienced business lawyer is able to assist and ensure that the process is accomplished properly and that any risks of liability are reduced or removed. Any licenses, registrations, business names, permits, financial obligations, or other items will need to be managed carefully during the dissolution of a business.

When a business is dissolved, the owner must be sure to complete the formalities involved. For example, if certain documents are not completed and filed properly with the state, a company will still exist from a legal standpoint. This would mean that the business is responsible for normal filing requirements and taxes. If these requirements were not met, the owner could be liable for taxes, fines, and other penalties.

Business Formation to Establish a New Business

When planning to open a new business, it is necessary that one understands the process of business formation. Numerous legal considerations are involved, and decisions must be made that are likely to impact the business for many years. The kind of business entity chosen should be appropriate to the needs of the specific business. Each type of business entity has certain requirements associated with it. Commonly used types of business structures include limited liability partnership (LLP), general partnership, limited liability corporation (LLC), s-corporation, c-corporation, and sole proprietorship.

The way a business is organized may help position it for success and protect the owner from personal liability. Choice of business entity also affects the amount of taxes paid, how much capital can be raised, the allocation and manner of profits and losses, and what paperwork must be filed. A knowledgeable business attorney helps their clients to make informed decisions regarding new business formation.

Business Litigation to Resolve Business Disputes

A commercial enterprise may face various challenges during its operations. Business disputes and lawsuits may occur unexpectedly for numerous reasons. It is often beneficial to address such issues earlier, and this can help reduce the time and costs involved in resolving the situation. Attorneys use business litigation to manage conflicts and assist clients in resolving many types of legal disputes. If a company is served with papers regarding a lawsuit, their business litigation lawyer works to protect company interests and position the organization for success.

A business dispute could be settled by means of negotiation or through mediation. If this does not resolve the matter, a trial may become necessary. Litigation is a complex process and could include an attorney or legal team presenting various motions, examining documents, conducting interviews with witnesses, investigating any evidence, filing appeals, and other efforts. A reliable business litigation lawyer will handle the details involved in the business dispute so that the business owner is able to sustain daily operations.

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